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The educational program we have in Jardín de Amor includes Primary School and the first two years of Secondary School, which are the mandatory school years in Guatemala. In order to enable our students to keep studying, we need to search for funds so we can pay for their last years of education in a private high school in the city of Antigua. Our objective is to give our students the chance to have a complete education. In this way, our students are able to do the last years of Secondary School and Baccaulaureate in a high school in Antigua. Also, if they are willing to go to university, Jardín de Amor covers those costs as well. On the ther hand, if our students decide they do not want to keep studying once they finish Secondary School in JDA, we offer them the possibility to join the Vocational Trainigng Courses. 

What do the scholarships consist on?

On of the most important things for us is to be completely transparent with you and tell you where do we spend the funds we raise. The scholarships cover the costs of: 

A private high school: Why do we choose a private high shool instead of a public one? Our students come from Santa María de Jesús, one of the poorest districts in Guatemala. When they get into a public high school of a city like Antigua, the inequality of options and of classes is too high. This is the reason why in JDA we are obliged to send our students into private high schools. In this way, the social class and the economical differences are not that noticeable and the student have a better perfomance on equal terms

The material and the uniforms of our students. Also, they are allowed to access the school installations in which they can do their computer homework.  

The transport from Santa María de Jesús to Antigua.

Finally, in order to provide the best possible conditions to our students, Julio, founder and director of the school, is responsible for going to all their tutorials since we understand not all the families are able to go.  

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