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common questions

How long am I going to be a godparent for?

The school of Jardín de Amor has the objective of offering education as well as alimentary and sanitary support to the different generations who will go through the school. However,  your collaboration with the school will last as long as you decide. If for any reason you decide to stop collaborating, you will just have to notify us to our email account, jda.apadrinamiento@gmail.comfifteen days prior to the corresponding direct bill if possible.  

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How do I really know if the donations are helping?

Every three months you will receive information and material regarding the progress achieved in the school thanks to your collaboration and the rest of donations from the other godparents. In addition, as an organization registered in the National Association Registry, we are obliged to elaborate an annual memory in accordance with the transparency agreement in which the activities carried out, the recipients, our forms of financing and our budget memory will be shown.

If you have any other questions, do not doubt in contacting us via our email:

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