The Project

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The project is based on the education through a school as a place of learning, inspiration and motivation for the students. Nowadays, there are 260 students in the school (ten of which are given scholarships in order to get a higher education). 

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In order to achieve a good education, it is important for the children to be well fed. Unfortunately, the majority of the families that we work with are living under extreme poverty conditions. This is the reason why JDA gives two meals per day to each student of the school. When a kid is well fed, his performance is better; therefore, this program has two objetives: end hunger and improve the learning of these kids. 

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Jardín de Amor also works on giving an education about hygiene. In Santa María de Jesús there is no tap water, and the little amount of water the families obtain is used to cook. Also, medical consults are provided to the families in order to check if they are healthy. 

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Since 2009, JDA is working with ConstruCasa, an ONG that provides employees and the materials needed to improve the housing of the most desfavorable families. The cost of these houses are 30 % of the real cost, and it is covered thanks to the voluntary donations that are received through Jardín de Amor. For now, the life os six families has been improved by giving them a proper place to live. 

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