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extra information of THE VOLUNTEER WORK 

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The weather in Guatemala makes it possible to visit the country at any time of the year. The average temperature there is 22 degrees Celsius. There are two seasons: the raining one-from May till October-and the dry one-from Novermber till April. 

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The official coin of Guatemala is the Quetzal and the change is around 10 quetzales per euro. In Guatemala, you are allowed to withdraw money with the majority of the credit cards in the ATMs, and in some banks (such as the International Bank) you are able to change your money without having an account.


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The safeness in Guatemala is a topic that needs to be addressed with tranquility. It is true that there are some dangerous places, like the capital or the rural areas, but the volunteering in the school is safe. Antigua and the other touristical destinations are safe places as well; however, it is always advisable to talk to Julio or the travel agencies before hanging out there.


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The recommended material for the experience is the following:

  • mountain boots

  • mosquito repellent

  • rain jacket

  • swimsuit

  • river flip flops (for some excursions)

  • clothes that can be stained (for the school)

  • normal clothes (for the afternoons in Antigua and the weekends)

You can also bring a computer or mobile phone knowing that it is best to leave them in the hostel in Antigua. 

In Antigua you can get anything you want, such as food, or any type of objects or material, since it has a lot of markets and shops. 

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It is imortant to get the information necessary about the vaccines you need to get and the medications you need to bring before going to Guatemala. It is also important to follow the recommendations that the international health services give you in order to avoid diseases during your stay.

Do not drink tap water or eat food from street stalls or non-peeled fruits. In case something happens, they are hospitals-in Antigua and in the other touristical destinations-and Julio will help you with whatever you need as well. 

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